A good kind of crazy

Posted: October 24, 2016 in cave strong nation, fitness, motivation, Uncategorized
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There a lot of crazy people in this world, and not all crazy is bad.

I want to talk about the people I love being around, the ones that are a “good kind of crazy”.


  • They are crazy enough go against the lazy, wimpy culture that surrounds us.
  • They get up early or stay up late to lift heavy stuff.
  • They love the feel of being under a heavy barbell
  • They climb, jump, run, ruck,swim, spar, or throw
  • They are already busy, but find a way to train anyhow
  • They live in a world full of sweat and chalk
  • They have their own language others don’t under stand
  • They understand why they are sore
  • They know what giving 100% means
  • They could care less about “fitting in”
  • They are strong and fit

If you are this good kind of crazy, you already understand.


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