Words that sabotage your progress

Posted: October 12, 2016 in coaching, mental toughness, motivation, no excuses, Uncategorized

Victor Hugo said, “People do not lack strength; they lack will.”
I couldn’t agree more.

I have seen so many people destroy their own will, or mindset, through speaking weak words that arise weak thinking.

Ed Coan talked a lot about this at his recent Powerlifting seminar. He would not allow any negative words to be spoken by anyone there, especially prior to a lift.

Like wise, at the Cave, I don’t allow any weak or negative expressions, like:

  • I have never been good at_________
  • I’ve always been uncoordinated
  • I’ll try to _______________
  • But I have never used that much weight before
  • I might be there if _________________
  • If I can, I will _____________
  • I have always had a weak ____________
  • I didn’t sleep all night
  • I didn’t eat all day

Disclaimer, I don’t give a rip about your free speech during a training session.

It doesn’t cover whining or excuse-making.

Just shut up and lift!


  1. Gary Larrison says:

    Amen to those comments Coach. I have got to work harder creating a negative free zone with my people….good stuff as always.

  2. ironcave1 says:

    Gary, it is so important! Thanks again for your positive feedback.
    Keep crushing it!

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