What type of athlete doesn’t need healthier shoulders?

How about stronger hands, wrists, & forearms? Or maybe improved midline stabilization? Let’s not forget coordination, okay? I can’t think of any, can you? Steel clubs & maces can help in all those areas. Join us this coming Saturday at 11:00am at the Cave and learn from my coach, Don Giafardino.    

Do you have an immunity to learning?

Once you stop learning, you are done. When you think you have arrived, you are fooling yourself. Any time you think you can’t be knocked out of first place, you are doomed. You get the point, I hope. One thing I find to be very prevalent in the fitness world is a refusal to ventureContinue reading “Do you have an immunity to learning?”

Learn Strongman, Underground Strength, & Olympic Weightlifting

These things will all be taught at our winter training camp, Strength Journey 2015 (plus more)! There is still an early registration discount through 10 pm tonight, then the price goes up by $90. Take action! here https://cavestrong.net/events

New video just released! Summer Strength Fest for only $19.99

Help us dewussiffy the world with Cave Strong e-books, videos, etc Summer Strength Fest online Video is only $19.99 Buy it here

Coach Dru Patrick can make you crazy strong

Iron Brawl In The Fall–Oct. 12, 2013

Learn from a true champion, not a wannabe! The world of fitness is full of “self-appointed experts” who have accomplished nothing. Coach Dru Patrick has a solid track record in training and competing. He can back up everything he teaches! Coach Patrick says, “Be weak or be here!” Take action and Only ten people willContinue reading “Iron Brawl In The Fall–Oct. 12, 2013”

Cave Strong–Registration is now open for the Summer Strength Fest!

Action takers this is for you! Get the details here