Cave Strong–improving strength-to-weight ratio

I met Logan Christopher through my friend, Bud Jeffries. Bud is a huge guy and you’d expect him to be crazy strong (and he is). Logan, on the other hand, is a thin, lanky hippy/surfer California dude, however, he is also crazy strong. Here’s how he got that strong If I didn’t know Logan wasContinue reading “Cave Strong–improving strength-to-weight ratio”

Cave Strong–instructional videos

I am doing a new series of training videos that will be about 25-30 minutes in length. They will cover our training in much more detail than our regular videos. They are priced individually or you can get all of them that are done as they are added for one price.

We only train the toughest people in town

We purposely limit our membership. Only very dedicated, disciplined people will be accepted into our training program. It doesn’t matter to how big or bad a person thinks they are; as a coach I look at their attitude and their willingness to work very hard on a consistent basis.

Most people will never train at the Cave for two reasons

#1 They just can’t take it; it’s too hard. #2 They just live too far away, but they believe in training like we do. If the 2nd reason applies to you, then you are part of the Cave Strong Nation wherever you live! Glad to have you on board!