Military discount for our Mace Fit Certification Sept. 22-23

All military personnel with a valid ID card will get our special “2 for 1 buddy discount” at our upcoming Mace Fit certification in Clayton, NC. Come and learn steel mace and club training, one of the oldest forms of training for ancient warriors &  grapplers. Here are the details

Clearing up confusion in unconventional training

It is an understatement to say the flood of information (and mis-information) on the Internet is very confusing. There are some very credible training resources online which are often almost blotted out by hype and faddish nonsense. Unconventional training is  not exempt from this any more than mainstream fitness. The general public often falls preyContinue reading “Clearing up confusion in unconventional training”

Are certifications over-rated?

Only a handful of certifications are really worthwhile to get, in my opinion. I went after numerous certifications when I was just starting out. Back then I really didn’t how little some of them would actually apply to the types of training I have found to be the most effective. Don’t get me wrong, someContinue reading “Are certifications over-rated?”