Fatloss hype & panic on New Years

A wise man once said, “Don’t let the urgent block out what is important.” Being fit and healthy is a 24/7, 365 journey. It is a hard journey, but well worth it. That is one reason the New Years fatloss hype and panic on New Years is pathetic. When my friend and mentor, Bud Jeffries, Continue reading “Fatloss hype & panic on New Years”

100% or not at all

I have heard quite a few people say this to me about  training over the years, and it sounds like they are really motivated. I used to believe them when I was  just starting out. I would  think, “That guy is going to do really well. ” Here’s what he was really saying (between theContinue reading “100% or not at all”

I refuse to train the uncommitted

As we head into the next training week, I am psyched! I love to train myself hard, and everyone else at the Cave, too! Because of that I keep our membership limited to “the dedicated, coachable few”. If I have to motivate someone, they don’t belong at my gym. A person better have a 100%Continue reading “I refuse to train the uncommitted”