The “new study” on one minute workouts missed the main point

Posted: April 29, 2016 in #how to stay healthy, fat loss, fitness, health, healthy body, motivation, Uncategorized
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The general public is often scammed by the “latest and greatest fitness break through”.

Why is that so common?


  • people are lazy
  • people refuse to do solid research
  • people are gullible

This is why people fall for the supposed shortcuts.

Take the recent study that claims that one minute of intense exercise is equivalent to 45 minutes of moderate exercise. Evidently they worked with really out of shape people in this study. Any exercise will get  untrained, sedentary people in better shape for a while.

That’s not the main point, though. The main point is most people have no clue what intense exercise is.

Intense exercise is way harder than most people will ever want to do, especially more than once.

Don’t be fooled by the hype and garbage that floods the Internet!



  1. Absolutley. I just finished a piece on 10 minutes my abzzzz. Noone is getting in shape in 1 to 10 minutes. It takes discipline and dedication! LIFESTYLE!

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