So I asked him if double unders were so functional, why didn’t they do them in prison

That seemed like a fair question to ask, especially since this organization prided themselves on functional fitness.

I had been a coach with them for many years, they were a huge global organization.

My question stood, though.

I didn’t get a good answer, just a strange look somewhere in between annoyance and bewilderment.

It seemed to me that guys in prison would focus on what helped them to stay alive in those hell holes.

I left them, after 12 years and knew it was time for me to pursue my own path.

If someone else’s training strategy doesn’t fit your life, get out. It’s just that simple.

That doesn’t mean to jump all over the place and change to something new every week.

Give whatever system you are in a good solid effort over time and see if it brings the results you are willing to work for.

I trained in martial arts for many years, but I knew I had to get stronger overall, so I altered my path.

As I got stronger, I knew I had to still be fast and have good endurance, so I adapted again.

I was not a prisoner of my past.

I was not chained to the status quo.

My training nowadays is, mainly Mace Fit®, barbells, and bodyweight. This fits me. I want to be strong and fit my whole life.

If you know something is lacking in your approach to training, I recommend adding Mace Fit® to it. I am sure it will plug the holes in your fitness program and you will get healtier and more fit.

Come and learn with us on June 12-13 in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.

Coach D (941)228-8341

Published by ironcave1

I was the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility, which closed on May 31, 2022 after almost 12 years. My full focus is now on bringing our steelclub and mace training called Mace Fit out to the public. Follow us at and @2slingsteel.

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