Standards of the Cave

The Cave is definitely NOT for everyone! I only work with “the dedicated, coachable few”. be humble listen well work hard be consistent People who miss training for 2 weeks or more without notifying the coach are out for good, except for emergencies, military deployments, etc. If any of the following apply to you, thenContinue reading “Standards of the Cave”

Featured training equipment

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Be like the reindeer, not like Santa

A sleigh (sled) is pulled by strong animals. At the Cave, do a lot of sled training: pushes pulls forward backward, & laterally It’s a big part of how we build strong animals (Cave girls & Cave men)! During the holidays, many people will be like the big guy in the red suit sitting onContinue reading “Be like the reindeer, not like Santa”

Non-gym training with my Adex club