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Mace & club training is spreading like wildfire!

Take a class during your lunch break!

Effective November 15, 2017 we will have early classes on Wed. & Fri. mornings 6:30-7:00am

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Anyone who has been to a legit certification knows that you get plenty of information in a short period of time. That is great if you can take action on it when you get back.

Obtaining facts and concepts is good, but knowing how to use the information effectively is way better.

Here’s a few photos of how I applied what I recently learned at the Vintage Strength Mace & Club Certification in Miami. This the first class after the certification.

2017-11-06 07.07.41.jpg

2017-11-06 06.56.37

2017-11-06 07.06.58.jpg

2017-11-06 07.24.22.jpg

2017-11-06 08.10.24.jpg

2017-11-06 05.58.33.jpg


There are other companies that make high quality maces, but they never seemed to fit what we needed at my gym.

Most of them were single weight maces, others were loadable with water or lead shot.

I had only ever seen one other type of club previously, which was a good product, but single weights only.

Don Giafardino, the founder of Adex, first came to the Cave in Jan. 2016 to teach us about his steel clubs & maces.

What caught my attention right away was the plate-loadable feature. This was exactly what we needed for our classes!

IMG_3838IMG_2634Our athletes vary greatly in size and strength levels, and being able to quickly add or take off  plates is a big plus. The weights are interchangeable between the steel clubs & maces.

We use Adex steel clubs and maces in almost every class we have.

They are the next wave of fitness, !





Each week I get an assignment from my Mace Coach, Rik Brown, this was part of my “homework”. I did 6 rounds, these were the last two.

This past weekend our event was a huge success! I am actually on vacation right now, but since this was delayed due to my router going out on my computer the day it was supposed to be up I did it tonight. It will be my only post this week.

My thanks to everyone who attended and supported it! The photo below shows most of the folks present, a few had to leave before we took it.
My Coach, Don Giafardino, drove several hours in bad weather to come up to the Cave for this event.

20170610_115625   20170610_121532.jpgDon  broke  everything down for the group, and worked with each person individually, as well.


Towards the end of the workshop  we held an “unofficial” competition with both steel clubs and mace events. There two different levels of competition.

We finished up with great Caribbean food along with steel drums and Reggae music.