Today at 3:30pm, Don Giafardino will be live on Facebook discussing the benefits of club & mace training

Due to the growing popularity of our Steel club & mace classes, we are adding more!

Effective November 15, 2017 we will have early classes on Wed. & Fri. mornings 6:30-7:00am  

Applying what you learn

Anyone who has been to a legit certification knows that you get plenty of information in a short period of time. That is great if you can take action on it when you get back. Obtaining facts and concepts is good, but knowing how to use the information effectively is way better. Here’s a fewContinue reading “Applying what you learn”

Why we use Adex steel clubs & maces instead of other types

There are other companies that make high quality maces, but they never seemed to fit what we needed at my gym. Most of them were single weight maces, others were loadable with water or lead shot. I had only ever seen one other type of club previously, which was a good product, but single weightsContinue reading “Why we use Adex steel clubs & maces instead of other types”

25lb Adex mace training

Each week I get an assignment from my Mace Coach, Rik Brown, this was part of my “homework”. I did 6 rounds, these were the last two.  

Recap of our “Steel Drums, Steel Clubs, & Maces”

This past weekend our event was a huge success! I am actually on vacation right now, but since this was delayed due to my router going out on my computer the day it was supposed to be up I did it tonight. It will be my only post this week. My thanks to everyone who attended andContinue reading “Recap of our “Steel Drums, Steel Clubs, & Maces””

Unofficial mace & club competition at the Cave on June 24

First time doing three minutes of “10-to-2” with my Adex mace As part of our “Steel drums, steel clubs, & maces” summer party we will hold an unofficial competition with our Adex maces & clubs. There will be two events, one with each type of implement. Keep practicing! This will help everyone work up aContinue reading “Unofficial mace & club competition at the Cave on June 24”