Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD)

general warm up (10 minutes) resistance band pull a parts x 100 reps Adex club inside mills x 20/20 reps rear bear crawls x 100 feet Adex mace 360’s x 40 reps specific warm up (5 minutes) weighted pull ups set up and light reps strength (20 minutes) weighted pull ups x 3/3/3/3/3/3/3 reps conditioning/accessoryContinue reading “Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD)”

Get a grip

I love pull ups, all kinds of pull ups! However, doing them on an extra thick bar is very humbling, especially if you are used to doing a lot of them. It is well worth seeing your number of reps drop as you get stronger in a more challenging way (at least it is forContinue reading “Get a grip”

Grip strength–shout out to Jedd Johnson

Though there are other coaches and athletes who emphasize grip strength, Jedd Johnson was the first one that got my interest in it about ten years ago. A weak grip is like no grip at all! Think of how many things in your daily life that require grip strength. Even something as basic as aContinue reading “Grip strength–shout out to Jedd Johnson”

Cave Strong–60 minutes of bodyweight exercises

Here are some of the exercises I used for this Cave Strong–bench hurdles from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo. Cave Strong– suspension training from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo. Cave Strong–strict pullups from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo. Cave Strong–conditioning from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo. Cave Strong– burpees from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.Continue reading “Cave Strong–60 minutes of bodyweight exercises”