Cave Strong–improving strength-to-weight ratio

I met Logan Christopher through my friend, Bud Jeffries. Bud is a huge guy and you’d expect him to be crazy strong (and he is).
Logan, on the other hand, is a thin, lanky hippy/surfer California dude, however, he is also crazy strong.
Here’s how he got that strong

Deceptive Strength

If I didn't know Logan was the "real deal", I wouldn't market his stuff

Cave Strong–instructional videos

I am doing a new series of training videos that will be about 25-30 minutes in length. They will cover our training in much more detail than our regular videos.
They are priced individually or you can get all of them that are done as they are added for one price.

Cave Strong–Building bigger arms

Zach Even-Esh is a tremendous coach and a mentor of mine.
He’s written a great article here about arm size that just might help you pack on some more muscle.
Read it here
I partner with Zach because he knows his stuff!

Cave Strong–featured workout for May 2013

foam roller/soft tissue work


Battling Ropes x 2 minutes

Jump Rope x 2 minutes

Flap Jacks (compliments of New Warrior Training)
x 300 feet

Vertical wall walks x 7


Sled push/farmers walk x 200 feet x 3 rounds

Hand-over-hand tire pulls x 200 feet x 3 rounds

Run x 400 meters

soft tissue/foam roller work/water break x 3 minutes

Chain pull-ups x 3 reps x 5 sets

Bench dips x 20/15/10 reps

Recline rope climbs x 7

soft tissue/foam roller work/stretch as needed

We only train the toughest people in town

We purposely limit our membership.
Only very dedicated, disciplined people will be accepted into our training program.
It doesn’t matter to how big or bad a person thinks they are; as a coach I look at their attitude and their willingness to work very hard on a consistent basis.401906_4748169512388_1629356883_n