Answer to a question I got tonight

At the Cave, I do my utmost to provide the most effective training that I can. However, what people do when they are not there can sabotage all their hard work. I advise people to do several simple things, besides training consistently: get plenty of sleep eat plenty of high quality protein, fats, & carbsContinue reading “Answer to a question I got tonight”

Stopping the “orphan-makers” (how our training might help you quit smoking)

Since cancer has wreaked havoc on my family members and friends over the years, I have a serious dislike of cigarette smoking. Most everyone I know who has died of cancer was a smokers (connect the dots).. Many people still smoke even though they have lost friends and loved ones to cancer.  evidently, they justContinue reading “Stopping the “orphan-makers” (how our training might help you quit smoking)”