Life happens
Life is hard
Life is unfair
Life sucks

Ever heard these or thought them yourself?
Probably, if you are honest with yourself.
The media bombards people 24/7 with bad news, which is stressful enough.
Most of the things you are watching or hearing about are happening to someone else or some place else. Maybe you can learn to handle that to a certain degree because you removed from it.

It’s a whole different story when it happens to you or someone you love!
Consciously we can often cope pretty well; but subconsciously damage is being done.
For example, four months ago, a family member had a serious, life-threatening medical situation while we were on the other side of the country on vacation and had to get an emergency flight back. The next month another family member also did and soon passed away.

Shortly afterwards I was getting a check up with my doctor and he was very concerned about my blood pressure, which was pretty high, The stresses of the ongoing medical problems and the recent death in our family was getting to me and affecting my health.

My doctor wanted to put me on medications for this, which I was against. I prayerfully considered the situation in light of his advice and I knew I could fix this (with GOD’S help) through my training

I changed my training program slightly, then attacked it. I have been monitoring my blood pressure for the past few months and it got lower and lower. Thank GOD!
Today it was 105/67 without meds, just a lot of prayer and hard work.
Everyone is different, and I am not a doctor or suggesting you do what I did, but it worked for me.

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