Cave Strong–thick bar options

If you like grip work but don’t own a thick bar or axle , then this might be for you.
We’ve been using FatGripz for quite a while, but my mentor Zach Even-Esh turned me on to these bad boys.
They go all the way up to 3″ diameter!

Iron Bull Strength Thick Grips

This is the next level in grip training!

Cave Strong–introducing some of my mentors

Cave Strong–introducing some of my mentors

In the world of strength & conditioning, when you stop learning you are dead! The best coaches seek out coaches more knowledgeable than themselves.Here are some of my “go to” coaches.

Read more here

Cave Strong–How to get stronger with barbells

Here’s a couple of Cave favorites for building strength



Two tough exercises!

Deadlifts using FatGripz (top)

Rack lockouts. (Bottom)

Want more? Check out Zach Even-Esh’s book

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