How to keep overhead from killing your small gym

I used to run very large martial arts classes, up to about 100 people at once. Over they years, I found it was much better to work with smaller groups better coach to client ratio means more quality instruction safety is improved results are better less overhead When I transitioned to the strength and fitnessContinue reading “How to keep overhead from killing your small gym”

Big gyms take notice: you are surrounded

One of the biggest mistakes the big chain gyms made is underestimating the power of thousands of small independent gyms. Over the past decade, big gyms have either ignored small gyms or tried to annihilate them through huge advertising budgets, lots of shiny equipment, and $10 a month memberships. Though they tried to crush us,Continue reading “Big gyms take notice: you are surrounded”

Under the radar all these years proving their methods work

When you blaze your own path  there might be a few people “who get it” who might come along side you, but most often you go alone, This is not for the timid! While you always seek out the best information you can, sometimes to just have to experiment with what fits you and yourContinue reading “Under the radar all these years proving their methods work”