Are certifications over-rated?

Posted: October 27, 2015 in #how to get strong, #how to stay healthy, #how to train safely, #program design, #whatsyourgameplan

Only a handful of certifications are really worthwhile to get, in my opinion.
I went after numerous certifications when I was just starting out.
Back then I really didn’t how little some of them would actually apply to the types of training I have found to be the most effective.
Don’t get me wrong, some are excellent!

In the process of establishing credibility, new trainers often think that having a certain certification (or a bunch of them) will bring them that. However, that is not the case.

Some of the most credible coaches and strongest guys I have ever met have no certifications but huge amounts of experience, and they get solid results for those they train.

First they must learn how to train themselves, before they start training others. This does not happen quickly, and many new guys are super impatient and just don’t want to wait. That is just plain tough.

In the real world, you better know what you are doing!
There are no substitutes for experience.

A person is better off finding some solid training partners, who actually know what they are doing, than going to a gazillion certifications.

Another good way to learn is through seminars that focus on establishing a good foundation of basics. Don’t worry about if you get a piece of paper for being there or not.

Invest in training manuals. They are like gold!
Listen to good podcasts, most of which are free.
Take notes and study.

Most of all, get under the bar and lift!

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