general warmup (15 minutes) resistance band pull a parts x 125 reps Neuro Grip pushups x 10 reps keg squats x 10 reps alternating sandbag shouldering x 20 reps resistance band suitcase deadlifts x 20 reps (note: put a 45 lb bumper plate over the band) specific warmup (5 minutes) set up and light practiceContinue reading “#630 IRON BROTHERHOOD”

So long to our Iron Brother, Matt

Matt (left) came to the Cave about 3 years ago. He walked in the door strong and fit already. Though being seriously wounded in combat,  his unit, the 82nd Airborne, would be  proud to see what he has accomplished here at the Cave. Matt’s enthusiasm, strength, power, and humor all added much to all ofContinue reading “So long to our Iron Brother, Matt”

Iron Brotherhood is much needed in today’s world

We started our Iron Brotherhood group several years ago. Here’s some of the reasons why, besides just having a blast when we meet. When I left the military years ago I missed the camaraderie and  brotherhood a lot. I have heard that from many veterans over the years, and nothing will equal that. Well, weContinue reading “Iron Brotherhood is much needed in today’s world”

Next Iron Brotherhood meeting is May 5

Huge thanks to SNN for the great story they did on Iron Brotherhood! It’s right here if you missed it yesterday