At 80 years old he said, “Give me this mountain!”

I love to read about people who have refused to fall apart as they chronologically age.

There is so much “evidence”  that says you cannot be strong and fit your whole life.

I say flush all that garbage!

Must be that this ancient warrior never read the studies that said he couldn’t do what he did.

This man was a Hebrew warrior named Caleb (Joshuas’s side-kick) he wanted a certain portion of land that was still occupied by the enemy, and he said that he was as strong at 80 as he was at 40.

Joshua was in charge, and he told Caleb if he wanted it to go take it by force.

This mighty man fought hand-to-hand against much younger men and won!

Like the t-shirt I saw at Ranger Up the other day says, “Beware the old man in a world where men often die young!”

There are numerous other examples of people who have achieved excellence throughout their very long lives. This does not just apply to ancient history, this is true today!

Never quit! Never believe all the junk you read online about aging, just go and stay strong yourself. Find new challenges, learn new things, and prove all the critics and nay-sayers wrong again!

Published by ironcave1

I am the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility. Our training is old school style, and it gets results!

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