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What a screwy title for a blog post, right?


Those of you who have trained for years, or even decades, have already found it and embraced it.

When training is so ingrained in you it is a no-brainer whether or not you will be training on any given day. Of course you will, it is a huge part of your life.

You don’t have to decide whether or not you’ll give 100% effort on each rep.

Surely, you will! 13567145_1017411744961511_8036727736268552981_n

Does that mean that progress will come in leaps and bounds after many years of training? No, not at this point, but progress will still be made. It just takes a lot more to make it happen now than when you were new.

For new people, the results will come fast, but what happens when they no longer do?

What if it doesn’t seem like fun any more?

What if you plateau and can’t break through it?

What if the basics seem boring to you?IMG_20130106_135544


Will you quit? Or will you dig in and establish your rhythm, knowing that you are in for the long haul?

It’s a lot like a relationship, when the novelty wears off do you break and run? Or do you see the value in that person, and  persevere?

The iron is a lot like that.

You’ll train when it is not convenient.

You’ll train when whether conditions are miserable.

You’ll train when you just don’t feel like it.

You’ll train when you are tired, aching, or hungry.

You will, because you have found your rhythm.



20151211_095217Well, this is the final post for Movember.

As with most things pertaining to improving the health of men, many guys will ignore it, unless it pertains to getting 6-pack abs without doing any hard work or dating a woman 1/2 their age.

That is to their own detriment, which they will probably regret later (in the hospital).

The smarter guys will heed the advice and take consistent action on it.

No one gets healthy and fit by accident, it is not something you are entitled to as I wrote in my earlier article “Being Healthy Is Not Your Default Condition”

Eating clean, getting enough exercise, getting regular check ups with your doctor, etc. is not rocket science.

My hope is that many guys will wake up to the facts of what it takes to get fit and healthy and actually do something about it!

This Thanksgiving I am not giving the usual advice I normally do about eating, drinking, etc.

Nope, this year I am just urging people to make the most of the holidays with the people they love. Be grateful for what you have where you live (you could live in a war zone), what you have (you are not homeless), who you love (many people have no one).

Thankfulness is essential for good health and happiness is a concept that is centuries old, “And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful.” (Col. 3:15)

Instead of bemoaning how terrible you think the world is or people are, why not focus on the good things in your life. Recently one of my favorite writers, Lisbeth Darsh, wrote about focusing on what is right and good in your life.

You can go through life griping, complaining,  and being miserable (while irritating everyone else around you); or you can choose to take the high road.








You see it and hear it almost everywhere. People are all churned up inside and are constantly stressed out.


As part of men’s health awareness month or Movember we are looking at numerous things that can wreck your health. Not that ladies don’t deal with a lot of stress (and they do in a big way) but this is for the guys who are notorious for not dealing with things that bother them in a constructive way.

One thing that has been triggering stress in a huge way is the recent election. While some people are thrilled about the results, others are seething in anger.

To make matters worse, most of the election signs are still up in peoples yards and of course on their bumpers stickers. This “in your face” childishness doesn’t help ease the tensions at all. Getting rid of them, now that the election is over, is a good idea.

Also, give yourself a break from the news since it just stokes the fires of resentment each time you watch it and relive it mentally.

One last thing is quit being a hater on social media, nothing good can come of it. Any coward can play “tough guy” on his key board. Just knock it off!

Constant stress is a killer!

Don’t bring it on yourself or those around you.

Relax, will ya? th71lrwrl3







Having a few solid guys training with you somehow makes you dig  deeper into your strength reserves  and push yourself further than you normally would training alone. While there are some exceptions to this, it is true for many guys.

Competition and accountability important aspects of having good training partners.

They will not let you slack off or be lazy! They will help bring out your best and you will help bring out theirs.

Since this is Movember (men’s health awareness month) let me also say that guys generally go downhill in isolation. Many today are “connected” only online and that is superficial at best. The rest of their time is usually spent alone, with no real friends and no accountability. Guys can rationalize all kinds of bad choices when they are alone. Many get severely depressed and decide to end it all.

This brings me back to the gym for one other point:  safety.

Our own egos will sometimes convince us that we are way stronger than we actually are and we don’t need spotters, safety bars, bar clamps, or any other safety device.

So if you get crushed under a heavy squat or bench press you are on your own.

No one is there to lift the bar off of you.

No one is there to call 911.

Men, don’t isolate yourself all the time. I understand that sometimes it’s good to have some time to yourself, but not all the time. Eventually you will lose at that game.