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I trained with Jeff Martone at his CrossFit Kettlebell Certification in 2008. He is a masterful coach and extremely strong person.
I highly recommend his training resources and market them with extreme confidence!
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Rich Froning is an amazing athlete to say the least.
He can snatch 300lbs, sprint super fast, climb, jump, etc.
You name it, Rich Froning can probably doing it well.
I market this book because I know he is the “real real”

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First: What It Takes to Win

You can learn from some of the very best coaches around with video on demand.
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You’ve heard me talk bout a handful of coaches that I highly respect and have played a major role in my training over the years. Zach Even-Esh is definitely one of them!

Here are some of the training resources that I recommend from Zach, because I know from personal experience that his stuff worked for me, I market them with 100% confidence!

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