Cave Strong–how to get stronger with kettebells & bodyweight

You can learn from some of the very best coaches around with video on demand. Read more here

Learn from one of the guys who influenced my training the most

You’ve heard me talk bout a handful of coaches that I highly respect and have played a major role in my training over the years.┬áZach Even-Esh is definitely one of them! Here are some of the training resources that I recommend from Zach, because I know from personal experience that his stuff worked for me,Continue reading “Learn from one of the guys who influenced my training the most”

Coach Dru Patrick can make you crazy strong

Iron Brawl In The Fall–Oct. 12, 2013

Learn from a true champion, not a wannabe! The world of fitness is full of “self-appointed experts” who have accomplished nothing. Coach Dru Patrick has a solid track record in training and competing. He can back up everything he teaches! Coach Patrick says, “Be weak or be here!” Take action and Only ten people willContinue reading “Iron Brawl In The Fall–Oct. 12, 2013”