Training and the rhythm of your life

What a screwy title for a blog post, right?


Those of you who have trained for years, or even decades, have already found it and embraced it.

When training is so ingrained in you it is a no-brainer whether or not you will be training on any given day. Of course you will, it is a huge part of your life.

You don’t have to decide whether or not you’ll give 100% effort on each rep.

Surely, you will! 13567145_1017411744961511_8036727736268552981_n

Does that mean that progress will come in leaps and bounds after many years of training? No, not at this point, but progress will still be made. It just takes a lot more to make it happen now than when you were new.

For new people, the results will come fast, but what happens when they no longer do?

What if it doesn’t seem like fun any more?

What if you plateau and can’t break through it?

What if the basics seem boring to you?IMG_20130106_135544


Will you quit? Or will you dig in and establish your rhythm, knowing that you are in for the long haul?

It’s a lot like a relationship, when the novelty wears off do you break and run? Or do you see the value in that person, and  persevere?

The iron is a lot like that.

You’ll train when it is not convenient.

You’ll train when whether conditions are miserable.

You’ll train when you just don’t feel like it.

You’ll train when you are tired, aching, or hungry.

You will, because you have found your rhythm.



Published by ironcave1

I am the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility. Our training is old school style, and it gets results!

4 thoughts on “Training and the rhythm of your life

  1. Frank, as one who has also been training for decades this post rang true with me. There is never an end, just a new beginning everyday. Thanks for your insight.

  2. This is great Frank! I’m definitely reposting this on Garage Gym Life! This is pure gold. Sometimes someone says something that just resonates and this one has music to it. Love it.

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