Some of my favorite training books by Bud Jeffries

Posted: September 28, 2015 in #how to get strong, #program design, books about strength
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I have studied all of these books and have integrated the information into our training here at the Cave

  1. Matti Marzel says:

    Awesome… Very good books indeed! And in my BRUTALLY honest and ferocious opinion… These are ALL classics and MUST-reads for EVERYONE out there in the LEGIT Physical Culture Realm who wants to achieve TRUE Super Human Strength, Insane Conditioning, NEXT-Level Endurance & Legendary Power (amongst the many other phenomenal things that these books will give you).

    I’ve ALSO read all of these books, and even MORE than ounce on multiple occassions… And I truly digg ALL of them, and they’ve helped me in my OWN ferocious training as well, BIG TIME—And it still does ’til this very day, obviously!

    All-in-all, long story short & bottom line = Everyone who’s DEAD serious about their Training in any way, shape or form, and wants to get very far and even compete at ELITE level out there in the future, should definitely get ALL of these books—ASAP!

    As always… ‘Nuff said, I rest my case!

    Marzel Out!

    • ironcave1 says:

      Matti, thanks for the good feedback on Bud’s books!

      • Matti Marzel says:

        You’re welcome, Comrade Frank… It’s all good, Sir!

        Yup, As you already know and realize to the FULLEST by now… I always speak straight from the heart when it comes down to this awesome Physical Culture realm and Strongmen world particular—And I’m obviously talking about the LEGIT ones over here, but that goes without saying!

        Anyway, long story short & bottom line = Bud’s da MAN, period, end of story!

        ‘Nuff said, I rest my case!

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