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Athletes and coaches know that squats are vital to athletic performance.
However, the general public does not know how important squats are for every day living, especially for older folks.
Losing the ability to stand up unassisted is one of the major reason people end up in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
Once the ability to get up from a chair or the toilet is gone a person is no longer fully independent.
This happens as I mentioned earlier to many older people, but the more out-of-shape and overweight younger people are also puts them at risk.

Squats are among the most important exercises you can do, period!

Deadlifts are right up there, too.

Let me say this, being big and having excellent strength are a great combination.

That is totally different from being big, fat, and weak.

So, if you want to live a long, healthy, and active life SQUAT, SQUAT, & SQUAT some more!

  • back squats
  • front squats
  • overhead squats
  • keg squats
  • Zercher squats
  • goblet squats
  • bodyweight squats

You don’t need a gym for any of those exercises!

Grab anything  you can find that is heavy and get to squatting!

I often run into people who definitely refuse to accept limitations as opposed to those who never even try anything difficult.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about a young gal with no arms who seemed to doing just fine eating a a pizza place we were at.

This evening, we were leaving beautiful Lido Beach just before sunset, and a guy was loading his surf board on his SUV.

He was parked right next to us and I glanced down and noticed at the prosthetic leg he had. It was not slowing him down a bit.

I told him he wins the award for guts and he broke into a big smile.

He walked over to his door and easily got in this fairly high vehicle like he was working on parallel bars.

He waved and drove off. I thank GOD for people with that kind of “never quit” attitude!

As we approach a new training week I wonder how many people will rise to the challenges they face and crush them.

As we

I was thinking the other day about the things that have been the greatest help to me in my own training and the training I have others do here at the Cave.

While I am a big believer in tough bodyweight training, being able to interact with and learn from Powerlifters and Strongmen both in person and  online has been a huge asset to me.

I remember my football coaches always thinking I was too small to be effective in the line. even though I would go head-to-head with their biggest players and make a decent showing time and again.

Over time I moved away from team sports to martial arts, where my size didn’t matter. In fact, being on a team didn’t matter either during those years.

Eventually I started focusing more on strength training and my passion for it grew and grew over the years!

I just wanted to make my five foot six inch self as strong as possible. It’s okay to be a “runt” you can’t make yourself any taller; just don’t be a wuss if you are small. Be a strong runt!

This where Powerlifting and Strongman training have really helped me. I found out these ways of training really do make a person strong, big or small, guy or gal, the results are there if you attack the weights relentlessly!

If you don’t already use these training methods, find a good coach and get started.

Much respect to all the Powerlifters and Strongmen out there! You guys and gals rock!

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I mentioned in an earlier post that some people act like they are immune to the law of “cause and effect” when it comes to their health. Sometimes we as coaches wonder if people really just don’t “get it” when it comes to being healthy.

We see it as very and straight -forward, very logical. It’s as simple as A + B = C, so how come so many do understand that there are consequences for the choices we make every day.

All I can say is that really don’t get it and it’s our job as coaches to help them connect the dots concerning their health and fitness. This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of coaching.

Let me qualify that by saying we can only help those willing to be helped, those who aren’t trapped in voluntary ignorance or extreme ego.

I have found it is better to very blunt with people about these things. Suggestions or hints are pretty much a waste of time.

There’s an old saying, “Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

While I don’t get deeply involved in  the personal lives of the people I train, I do need to be a good listener overall to the things they are struggling with.

All we can do is help them connect the dots in  their own thinking about health and fitness, set a good example for them and hope for the best. Some will listen and some won’t.

If you’re a coach, I know you have heard many  people whine about how they can’t afford to train.

Could they be the same people with the latest Smart Phone, a new car, a fancy apartment, and eat all their meals out?

Good chance of that!

The money factor is just an excuse (one of many), so I am calling them out.

Starting this week our 6:30 am training sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays) are free.

Whiners and excuse-makers will not be there because the money never was the real reason.

Laziness is!

Anyone with the guts to show up for these sessions will definitely get some solid training and I will be glad to do it

Sleep well tonight, tomorrow will be even more fun than usual !

The guys who missed Saturday really need to make a strong showing tomorrow, I know the Cave girls will !

Last night, my wife and I were out getting a pizza and saw an amazing sight.
A couple sat down near us, the young woman had no arms, yet they were out enjoying a meal and each others company.
The gal used her left foot like we would use a hand. She used her cell phone with extreme dexterity, pushing keys the with her toes (the one was on the table, talk about being mobile and flexible).
That in itself was very cool!
Then she grabbed a slice of pizza with her toes, like it was no big deal.
What an example of courage and persistence!
People like this take all the excuses way from the rest!
How little it takes to make most people quit in life and on themselves.
Will anything make you quit today?
I hope not!