Garage Gym Movement–part 5

Two more guys I came across 7 or 8 years ago who were training in a garage, and teaching some excellent training concepts were the original Diesel Crew. Jedd Johnson and James “Smitty” Smith were a source of many training ideas that I incorporated into my own training.
Later, Jedd and Smitty formed two different Diesel entities:
Diesel Crew and Diesel Strength.

Garage Gym Movement–part 4

Yet another person who had a big impact on my training, who never owned his own gym and did much of his training outdooors was Mike Mahler. He built a global business that way, and is a very well-respected coach and athlete.
Mike was the one who taught me how to lift heavy kettlebells, plus the importance of recovery, hormone optimization, and more.
Visit Mike’s website here

Mahler's Aggressive Strength -

Garage Gym Movement–part 3

2004 was a very significant year for me, as it was the year I discovered the people/training strategies that have shaped my own system.
This was the year I found CrossFit, which at that time was relatively unknown, having only 4 gyms total in the world. The next year I flew to Santa Cruz, CA to learn directly from Coach Greg Glassman, at the original CrossFit gym.
I have been with CrossFit ever since, and remain true to the original concepts of that system, which included heavy lifts, like deadlifts, squats, and bench press.

Dialing in the intensity

As a coach you meet people with all types of situations and issues; as well as people with all levels of ability and discipline.

I program a comprehensive training regimen which is designed to draw the best out of each person I train.

This will involve participating in all aspects of the program.

This is what works best, and it is what is expected of each person.

Those who truly want to excel understand the importance of this and jump right on it.

Training is a very high priority to them, and their results prove it.

Now a quick word about the rest: mediocrity is its’ own punishment.

You get to choose, so choose wisely.


Garage gym movement part 2

Another person who has become a friend and a mentor to me, Zach Even-Esh, also started training in parent’s back yard and parks, then a garage and warehouse.

I first met Zach about 8 years ago and have followed his training strategies since then.
Without a doubt Zach has become a man who has helped many people become much stronger and fit across the globe.
I highly recommend his training!
Visit Zach’s website here

The garage gym movement is alive and well

Some of the strongest people I have ever met don’t train at gyms.
They train in their garage or backyard. Most of their equipment is used or home-made; and it is heavy.
You don’t need a gym membership or shiny new equipment to get strong.
I will be featuring some of the people I look up to in the strength world over the next few weeks who have excelled training at home.
Bud Jeffries is the first one.I met Bud around 2004 and have followed his training strategies and found they work very well.I partner with him because what he says works, really works.
Visit Bud’s website for some great training ideas

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