Learning from credible sources and applying that information in a way that suits your individual goals is a good idea. Blindly following anyone is not.

If being liked and accepted is what drives you, then you will always be someone elses slave.

The strength and fitness world is often divided into warring camps, each claiming to be the best way to train. If you let any of them dictate how you train without even thinking it through yourself, you are already trapped.

The good news is you have the key to the prison cell door! If you have been trapped, you can still escape.

The same thing can be said of life in general.

Someone asked me the other day how I planned to retire, since I am already 65 years young. I told him I didn’t plan on ever retiring. I love what I do each day, so why would I want to stop doing that?

Sitting on the couch turning into a fat pile of mindless mush just watching TV doesn’t appeal to me one bit.

I’d much rather do deadlifts or doing some other type of challenging training.

I refuse to be someone elses slave or puppet whether it is in training, or in life.

  • I will train in a way that best suits what I need, not what is most popular
  • I will keep my personal beliefs no matter what the culture says I should believe
  • I will learn from as many people as I can, even  the ones I don’t agree with
  • I will not put limits on myself

Just a few thoughts for you to ponder, have fun with these ideas!


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