Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD)

general warm up (10 minutes) resistance band diagonal pull a parts x 25/25 reps Adex club 2 hand side swings x 40 reps Adex club barbarian pull overs x 20 reps elevated push ups x 20 reps specific warmup (5 minutes) bench press set up and light practice strength (20 minutes) bench press rest pauseContinue reading “Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD)”

Great success on day #1

We were blessed to have an incredible first day at the certification!

The Cave will be closed on April 23

Since we are having the instructor certification on Saturday and Sunday, we will be closed on Monday. We are blessed to have  people  traveling in from different parts of the U.S. and even from South America for this certification! We will make sure it is well-worth their investments in this!

Clearing up confusion in unconventional training

It is an understatement to say the flood of information (and mis-information) on the Internet is very confusing. There are some very credible training resources online which are often almost blotted out by hype and faddish nonsense. Unconventional training is  not exempt from this any more than mainstream fitness. The general public often falls preyContinue reading “Clearing up confusion in unconventional training”