general warm up (15 minutes)

bear crawls x 100 feet

tin mans x 100 feet

kettlebell figure 8’s to hold x 30 reps

weight plate orbits x 20 reps

weight plate strict front raises x 15 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

circuit set up and light practice

close grip isometric pulls (max. effort) x 4 reps

strength (2 rounds each of A & B)

circuit A: one round = close grip grappler rows x 8 reps + Viking push press x 8 reps + keg squats x 8 reps

circuit B: one round = heavy wheel barrow push x 50 feet + weighted dips x 5 reps + weighted push ups x 7 reps + weighted sit ups x 7 reps

NOTE: If we have enough people we will add some improvised log drills also

conditioning/accessory work (1 round)

200lb sandbag carry x 50 feet

tire pummeling x 20 reps

horizontal sledge hammer strikes x 10/10 reps

weighted push ups x 10 reps


I don’t like to fail at anything, yet I have failed at many things over my lifetime.

Yet those failures to be the best learning situations I have encountered along the way.

When I went to Jump Master School at Fort Bragg, NC many years ago I found out just how demanding it was and how incredibly high the standards were.

If you graduated, you would hold the lives of many soldiers in your hands.

In this picture, the student is checking to make sure there are no other aircraft behind or below his plane that could hit Paratroopers when they jumped. This isn’t checked only by instruments. You have to lean outside the aircraft yourself and physically search the sky to make sure since there can be many other planes nearby.

The school was tough, but I did very well right up to graduation day. That day you had to do a total parachute & equipment inspection on Paratroopers in a specified time, and it isn’t much. When you have many soldiers on a jump, time is very important.

My test went 4 seconds over and I failed the course.

Yes, only by 4 seconds.

Some people would complain that that wasn’t fair since I passed everything else in the course.

I am glad they kept the standards high. I didn’t meet the standard. It’s just that simple.

Fast forward to today. High standards are still part of my life.

That is how I coach at the Cave. We strive for excellence every day.

I didn’t say perfection, Jesus was the only perfect person ever.

Excellence is acoomplished through diligent, consistent, well-planned training and lots of hard work. Nothing good in life comes easy, as you can see from the videos below.

Don’t worry if you are not as strong as those guys. I coach everyone at a level that is safe for their current level of health and fitness. As long as you are willing to listen well and do the work you will make good progress. Our Mace Fit® program is a good way to start, especially if you haven’t worked out in a while. You can start in person at the Cave or check out our online courses.

Call or text Frank at (941)228-8341 to schedule a free week of trial workouts.

Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD) #595

general warm up (15 minutes)

weight plate orbits x 20 reps

alternating kettlebell swings x 30 reps

jumping jacks x 40 reps

Sanddune power steps x 50 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

front sled pulls set up and light practice

strength (3 rounds)

front sled pulls x 200 feet

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

Bulgarian split squats x 12/12 reps

sandbag shouldering x 12/12 reps


I have said many times that the comfort zone is the sewer pit of life.

Nothing good happens there.

One of the best cures for the comfort zone is joing the military, however, many people will never do that. Only about 1% of our population ever does.

That 1% gets the job done!

When I went through Sapper School many years ago one of the things that challenged me in particular was rapelling off a cliff with another soldier tied to my back. This is one way to evacuate a wounded soldier in mountainous terrain.

Watch the video from 15 to 18 minutes in and you’ll see all kinds of people struggling with this

Of course, the entire school was tough, but I loved it.

Civilians need need to find another way to break out of the comfort zone.

The first step is getting your mind in the right place, then your body will follow.

Hard physical training is a good way to do that.

If you are not going to enlist in the military, then come to the Cave Gym and I will get you out of your comfort zone and on the road to being stronger and more fit.

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army Airborne and a graduate of the Sapper Leader School.

Call or text me at (9041)228-8341

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Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD) #594

general warm up (15 minutes)

medicine ball throw & chase x 10 reps

dumbbell high pulls x 12/12 reps

Atomic push ups x 10 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

bench press set up and light practice

strength (20 minutes)

bench press x 4 reps x 6 sets

conditioning/accessory work (1 round)

Tri-set tricep complex x 4 reps

dumbbell rows x 8/8 reps

diamond push ups x 12 reps

1 hand cable rows x 10/10 reps

Cave Strong-training of the day-hybrid cardio (TOD) #593

general warm up (15 minutes)

kettlebell figure 8’s to hold x 25 reps

resistance band good mornings x 15 reps

Power Wheel rollouts x 12 reps

Sanddune jumps x 12 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

set up and light practice

cardio (16 Tabata intervals)

4 Tabata intervals each of

mountain climbers

flutter kicks

jumping jacks



We use several training strategies here at the Cave:

Powerlifting, novice level Strongman, Underground Strength, and MACE FIT®.

Without a doubt MACE FIT® is the most in demand.

Check out what Marc has to say about it.

This can work for you too.

Come on in for a free week of workouts.

Just text or call me (941)228-8341 to get started.


This has become quite a tradition here at the Cave.

We have been doing this for about 5 years or so and all the guys love it.

It is a free event open to all men in our community and teen guys 14 or older.

Here we can be men without apology, without political correctness, and other nonsense.

We will:

Lift big

Eat big

Hang out with your Iron Brothers


We love to lift heavy at the Cave, but that’s only part of what we do.

Bodyweight training is an important aspect of our overall strategy.

It is vital to be able to control your body.

Of course, we always do a good warm, multi-faceted warm up before we start the actual strength training.

Here’s a couple of challenging exercises we did this morning.

Come on in for a free week of workouts.

If you are ready to improve your strength and fitness level, call or text me at (941)228-8341.

Frank DiMeo

Owner/Head Coach

Cave Strong-training of the day-(TOD) #592

general warm up (15 minutes)

dumbbell star complex x 1

dumbbell deadlifts x 15 reps

dumbbell push press x 8/8 reps

hollow rocks x 20 reps

specific warm up (5 minutes)

Neuro Grip push ups/recline bar rows set up and light practice

strength (4 supersets)

one superset = Neuro Grip push ups x 5 reps + recline bar rows x 8 reps

conditioning/accessory work (2 rounds)

side plank x 60 seconds each side

EZ bar cheat curls x 15 reps

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