Garage Gym Movement–part 5

Two more guys I came across 7 or 8 years ago who were training in a garage, and teaching some excellent training concepts were the original Diesel Crew. Jedd Johnson and James “Smitty” Smith were a source of many training ideas that I incorporated into my own training. Later, Jedd and Smitty formed two differentContinue reading “Garage Gym Movement–part 5”

Garage Gym Movement–part 3

2004 was a very significant year for me, as it was the year I discovered the people/training strategies that have shaped my own system. This was the year I found CrossFit, which at that time was relatively unknown, having only 4 gyms total in the world. The next year I flew to Santa Cruz, CAContinue reading “Garage Gym Movement–part 3”

Dialing in the intensity

As a coach you meet people with all types of situations and issues; as well as people with all levels of ability and discipline. I program a comprehensive training regimen which is designed to draw the best out of each person I train. This will involve participating in all aspects of the program. This isContinue reading “Dialing in the intensity”