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The basics are an enigma, they are so simple they elude many people.

They get results consistently over time, but remain neglected.

It seems only the most dedicated, serious athletes invest their time and energy in them.

However, that is exactly the point!

Take two very respected coaches for example, Zach Even-Esh and Travis Mash.

Zach says, “Crush the basics.”

Travis says, “Master the mundane.”

I am not attempting to list all the solid strength coaches I know, but these two make their emphasis on the basics very clear.

I have said many times, “The basics aren’t sexy, they just get results.”

We prove that daily at the Cave.

Don’t waste your time with frivolous nonsense or the latest fitness fad.

Get back to the basics and get stronger!

In the world of fitness, fads come and go, but the basic fundamentals of training don’t.

Educating yourself to know the difference is essential.

Fads often show up around New Years and just before summer begins.

Many people suddenly panic when they see what bad shape they are in. They feel lousy and look lousy too. That’s when the fitness scams, like wacko diets and ridiculous exercises, make their money.

Scams are an “easy sell” to desperate, weak overweight people.

On the other hand, those that have done their “homework” will not be fooled.

Solid training concepts have stood the test of time.

The equipment required  for these training methods is usually very basic.

Nothing sexy or flashy, just results.

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