Garage gym movement part 2

Another person who has become a friend and a mentor to me, Zach Even-Esh, also started training in parent’s back yard and parks, then a garage and warehouse.

I first met Zach about 8 years ago and have followed his training strategies since then.
Without a doubt Zach has become a man who has helped many people become much stronger and fit across the globe.
I highly recommend his training!
Visit Zach’s website here

The garage gym movement is alive and well

Some of the strongest people I have ever met don’t train at gyms.
They train in their garage or backyard. Most of their equipment is used or home-made; and it is heavy.
You don’t need a gym membership or shiny new equipment to get strong.
I will be featuring some of the people I look up to in the strength world over the next few weeks who have excelled training at home.
Bud Jeffries is the first one.I met Bud around 2004 and have followed his training strategies and found they work very well.I partner with him because what he says works, really works.
Visit Bud’s website for some great training ideas

Why you should attend the Power Lifting Plus workshop

Did you notice the word “plus” in the title?

That means Coach Dru Patrick is going to cover strength and power building beyond the usual squat, deadlift, and bench press at this event.

Check out his YouTube channel and you will see why we value his coaching.

You see, he walks the walk, not just run his mouth about imaginary accomplishments.

If you want to improve your overhead lifts, Dru can definitely help.

You want to deadlift more? He’s the man you need to learn from.

Squats? You bet!

How about endurance? He can improve that as well.

Dru’s background is in both Strongman and Power Lifting,and he will get you to the next level if you make it a priority to attend this event.

Click on our “events” tab to learn more!

Welcome to the Cave!

This website is dedicated to bringing the most effective training strategies we can find to you.

We will be sifting through training information continuously to find what works best.

I don’t give a rip about what is popular or cool.

Results are what matter in training.

I will strive to always give credit to the sources of information I use.

No one person has all the answers, regardless of how smooth or convincing their “pitch” is.

Our goal is to bring together like-minded individuals as we form Cave Strong Nation.

Input from credible coaches/athletes is always welcome.

Honest questions are welcome here, too.

Check in with us often as we build this thing together.

Coach D

This website is being upgraded with new content, so check back soon

Due to our other Cave Strong website being down, we are building this one as fast as possible while maintaining good quality information.

Please check Coach D’s blog for current in formation in the mean time.



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