Some people adapt, improvise, and overcome; and some just give up

Posted: September 4, 2015 in motivation
Last night, my wife and I were out getting a pizza and saw an amazing sight.
A couple sat down near us, the young woman had no arms, yet they were out enjoying a meal and each others company.
The gal used her left foot like we would use a hand. She used her cell phone with extreme dexterity, pushing keys the with her toes (the one was on the table, talk about being mobile and flexible).
That in itself was very cool!
Then she grabbed a slice of pizza with her toes, like it was no big deal.
What an example of courage and persistence!
People like this take all the excuses way from the rest!
How little it takes to make most people quit in life and on themselves.
Will anything make you quit today?
I hope not!

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