could you hang on by just your fingers?

Crazy title, huh?

That’s okay, I guess a little craziness is in order today.

The reason I ask that question is I had a military training situation where I had to do just that.

I was at U.S. Army Sapper School and we were going through Technical Rock Climbing.

One part involved climbing up a sheer rock wall, which was practically vertical.

I mean straight up.

Of course we had to do this in full combat gear (the modern term is full kit).

There were only finger and toe holds to pull up ourselves up by.

I got about 3/4 of the way up and ran out of anything to grab onto.

My fingers held on as long as they could. My forearms were cramping and felt like baseballs, I couldn’t hang on.

I fell backwards until the safety line caught me and kept me from death.

So maybe you never had to rely on finger strength like that in your lifetime.

Who knows what ever might happen in the future?

One of the best ways to strengthen your fingers is using Eagle Loops for pullups, rows, carries, etc.

Your thumbs are not used in Eagle Loop training, just your fingers.

I cover this more in my book, The Cave Strong Method

You hear a lot about grip training, but this takes a different and lesser-known approach to strengthening your hands.

Just a few thoughts for ya,

Coach D

Published by ironcave1

I was the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility, which closed on May 31, 2022 after almost 12 years. My full focus is now on bringing our steelclub and mace training called Mace Fit out to the public. Follow us at and @2slingsteel.

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