I did a Instagram TV post about this a while ago, but I have learned some new stuff about it, so I am passing it on to you.

My wife has been in healthcare many years and one thing she said that really caught my attention was that grip strength was an indicator of a person’s longeveity.

Wow! How strange is that?

I decided to do some rearch on that and found this informatve article on Reuters

Yup, she was right (again).

I have had a big interest in grip training ever since I started following Jedd Johnson about 15 years ago. We do a lot of grip training at the Cave.

Here Jedd shows some simple grip exercises that can be done with a sledge hammer.

A steel mace could also be used for this.

At the Cave we also use a Strongman axle bar, isometrics, 3″steel grip balls, Eagle Loops, wrist roller, FatGripz, and Neuro Grips to build hand, wrist, and forearm strength which all increase grip strength.

You have to be intentional about building this kind of strength.

You have to do it on purpose.

You have to do it when you don’t feel like it.

You have to have good old-fashioned grit!

Published by ironcave1

I was the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility, which closed on May 31, 2022 after almost 12 years. My full focus is now on bringing our steelclub and mace training called Mace Fit out to the public. Follow us at and @2slingsteel.

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