Press, row, swing clubs, & swim–a simple approach to training while on vacation

Posted: June 17, 2017 in Adex exercise clubs, cave strong, cave strong nation, exercise clubs, fitness, how to do, motivation, steel clubs & maces, the Cave, unconventional workouts
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I always recommend that people still train while they are on their vacation. Few however, heed that advice and pay for it big time when they return to the gym.

There are so many options for staying in shape while “on the road” that not training is inexcusable.

I trained throughout my vacation. It was great!

Unless you are at a funeral, there is no reason you can’t do some kind of productive training.

There is always bodyweight training you can do most anywhere. That in itself makes it ridiculous to skip training.

On the other hand, most hotels have some fitness equipment and a pool.

That is enough to get in some solid training.

Most people just sit by the pool but the dedicated ones swim laps. Why do think they paint the lines on the bottom of the pool anyhow?

Swim eight to  ten laps with short with very short rest periods and you’ll be feeling it the next day for sure.


Follow it up with some steel club  training, like this.

Hit the fitness center for chest presses and rows

Add in a steel club complex  like this

These are just a few of the possibilities you can use while traveling.
Be creative, don’t limit yourself.
Definitely don’t wait for perfect conditions or equipment!

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