I have often said that weakness invites aggression. In nature, the strong eat the weak and the fast eat the slow.

Why do people think they are exempt from this cycle of nature?

The “popular” culture is just the opposite. Excellence, winning, and being first are shunned.  The people are mainly soft, fat,  and weak, but many thinks that’s okay.

It is not okay!

I see young guys who can’t change a flat tire on their car. They don’t mow their own lawn. Manual labor is not even considered an option if they want some money.

A hard day’s work would probably kill them.

That is why I am thankful for the people who stand up and do something to reverse this mess. I network with some of the strongest people on the planet. They are strong mentally and physically.

They, like myself,  refuse to accept the status quo.

Coaches are in a unique place to make a difference for the better.

I commend every coach that stands up and says that being a wuss is unacceptable!






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