“Rat” bikes & shiny new Harleys–the value is in the riding not the shine, the same applies to gyms

Posted: March 15, 2017 in #underground training, cave strong, cave strong nation, coaching, fitness, hard-core workouts, mental toughness, motivation, physical culture, small group workouts, Uncategorized, Underground Strength, veteran-owned
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Years ago I was living  in the Harley-Davidson world. I have some very good memories from those days, and some not so good.

One thing that stands out to me is how much I loved to ride, and my Harley showed it. It was what they call a “rat” bike. I rode it hard and often, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time shining it up. in my opinion, I bought it to ride, not to look at.

I rode it year-round, regardless of the weather; in fact, I didn’t even own a car during those years.

Those years are behind me now, but the lessons remain.

My gym, the Cave, is a working gym. People come there to train and get results, not for the amenities (we don’t have any anyhow).

Our equipment is mostly used or made locally. The focus is on good, solid coaching emphasizing correct technique and safe lifting practices.

We don’t look like other gyms and we don’t care to. Our path is different from the herd’s.

So be it!


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