Here’s a great new resource for those who have back pain and still would like to be active and fit

(or for those who train them)


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Combine these three exercises for a great “finisher” after your main lifts

Ball slams


Sumo High Pulls


Coach Dru Patrick is called “the beast-maker” for good reason!
He knows how to make them.

Be one of the ten athletes he will train at this camp.

Action-takers will get-in, procrastinators won’t.

  • high school or college athletes
  • coaches
  • football players
  • wrestlers
  • weight lifters




$200/person per month

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If you are not using the bench press in your training, you are missing one of the best strength-building exercises around!

Bench press at 69 years young from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

Never play the age card from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

This test would normally have been done the last week of June, but some people were away on vacation.
Here’s what will be tested for each person (who has been with us for at least three months)
for a one rep max:

bench press


strongman log “ground-to-overhead”

back squat

hang power clean

note: new people will establish a safe baseline for each lift as a starting point for future tests