flyer Siesta-beach

Just minutes away from beautiful Siesta Key Beach!

Each Coach will describe their part of the instruction at this event.
This where it starts–

Frank DiMeo transitioned to strength & conditioning back in 2001 after having over 25 years of martial arts experience.

His system is called Cave Strong Training which is the best training information  he has gathered from great coaches like Zach Even-Esh (Underground Strength), Bud Jeffries (Strongman), Dru Patrick (Powerlifting) to name a few.

You will learn and train in a broad number of  very effective bodyweight exercises, plus of various types of free weights.


next your journey takes you here

David Arndt runs an incredible Strongman training facility! You will get to train on equipment that most people never see except on television during a Strongman competition. LIke these two:

  • Viking Press
  • Conan’s Wheel

You will get hands-on instruction, not just classroom stuff.

Your journey will end here

 Chuck Bennington is a very experienced  Coach in both Olympic Weightlifting and in Gymnastics.
He will guide you through all the basics of these intriguing and challenging types of training.
Chuck actually travels the world teaching seminars for CrossFit !

Olympic Weightlifting

Our vision is to develop a team of individuals who desire to compete in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting which consists of two lifts, the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

Seaward CrossFit – Our Mission

At Seaward CrossFit, we strive to be an integral part in our members, athletes, and local community achieving that which they never believed to be possible. Regardless of individual’s specific aesthetic or performance based goals, we aim to help to the best of our ability with a continual focus of both overall wellness and longevity. We will work tirelessly to help people improve their relationships with diet, exercise, and body image. Our passion is saving and changing lives through proper implementation of sound nutrition and fitness!




Since so many were not able to be at the Cave today, I have saved the “fun” for all of you tomorrow!

It will be deadlifts (one of your favorites)

Those who did make it in today will do the posted Training of the Day

Cave Strong-- BW x 2 deadlift from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

then do these

Cave Strong-- dumbbell deadlifts from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

Cave Strong-- lateral tire pulls from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

Cave Strong-- lateral tire pulls from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

Cave Strong-- lateral tire pulls from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

Cave Strong-- lateral tire pulls from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

We’ll be closed on Thanksgiving, counting our many blessings and spending time with family.
Hope all of you do the same if you can.
However, on Friday we will be going full-blast! That’s why we call it Black and Blue Friday, not just Black Friday. We’re not selling anything. In fact, we’ll be helping people lose things Read the rest of this entry »

These things will all be taught at our winter training camp, Strength Journey 2015 (plus more)!
There is still an early registration discount through 10 pm tonight, then the price goes up by $90.
Take action! here

Master The Kettlebell: How to Develop High-Level Skills in Movement, Power Generation and Strength—Using the World’s Single Best Tool for the Job, By Max Shank, Master RKC

Two best phone book tears today

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

I am still pretty new at tearing and bending, but find it is a good way to build grip and forearm strength.
Sometimes I work on this while I am writing our training program for the week, it helps keep my mind clear.

Cave Strong-- grip training from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

Cave Strong-- grip training from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.