I hear that phrase used a lot, in fact it is used so much it is pretty meaningless. I mean it sounds cool (or it used to) but few people actually put it into practice.
It seems that many people just switch boxes and still get trapped inside small thinking patterns and training dogmas.
Many times I have said that changing just for the sake of change is pointless and futile.
Changing with the specific intent of improving your overall level of strength and conditioning is much more effective.

So what should a person change?
First of all, know why you are training in the first place.
Second, analyze what doesn’t seem to be producing results over a set period of time.

Remember,though, the basics are time-tested and work very well.
Your approach to changing up a basic lift might be something simple like changing the bar position on a back squat. You could take it a step further and do Zercher squats for a while.
The point is, you are still squatting, just a different way.

The same goes for bodyweight training. You can change from burpees to sprawls. You can do pull ups with Fat Gripz instead of a regular bar.
Yes, the point is the same as with the squat example.

Frivolous change would be like using something ridiculous like shaker weights instead of squatting.
The take home point with that is that kind of change will be a waste of your time (even though it will free up the squat rack for someone who really wants to train).

It’s common practice for people to just copy someone else’s training ideas.
At least I hope they are honest enough to say whose ideas they are using; however, some just say that it’s their own ideas.
Serious coaches/athletes have their own unique qualities to offer.
That is the best way!

Your hands are vital to your everyday life and to your strength training.

Never neglect grip training!


I love to read about people who have refused to fall apart as they chronologically age.

There is so much “evidence”  that says you cannot be strong and fit your whole life.

I say flush all that garbage!

Must be that this ancient warrior never read the studies that said he couldn’t do what he did.

This man was a Hebrew warrior named Caleb (Joshuas’s side-kick) he wanted a certain portion of land that was still occupied by the enemy, and he said that he was as strong at 80 as he was at 40.

Joshua was in charge, and he told Caleb if he wanted it to go take it by force.

This mighty man fought hand-to-hand against much younger men and won!

Like the t-shirt I saw at Ranger Up the other day says, “Beware the old man in a world where men often die young!”

There are numerous other examples of people who have achieved excellence throughout their very long lives. This does not just apply to ancient history, this is true today!

Never quit! Never believe all the junk you read online about aging, just go and stay strong yourself. Find new challenges, learn new things, and prove all the critics and nay-sayers wrong again!

We are really psyched to be adding exercise club and mace training to our schedule!

Exercise clubs and maces work your body very differently from barbells, dumbbells, etc.

These classes will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-7:00pm

People change training programs way too often and it does not help them progress.

Instead of more lean muscle mass they just end up with more frustration and confusion.

Here’s a few tips that should be helpful when deciding when and how to change your current training program.


Most people know of stone lifting as a part of Strongman training. The roots of stone lifting are centuries old.

Some stones are legendary and well-known , like Iceland’s Husafell stone .

Modern day Strongmen, like Eric Fiorillo, will make the journey across the Atlantic Ocean to lift that stone.

Bud Jeffries seems to lift every big stone he finds during his travels. Many others have learned the benefits of stone lifting. It makes you crazy strong!

Lesser known is stone lifting done on the other side of the world, like ancient China or Okinowa.

Here is an article on stone training that you might not be aware of yet, you can read it here

Learn from the ancients and apply it to the present.