Saturday, May 16, at 4:30 pm we will meet at the Cave for our first day of training!
Bring plenty of water!
We will get something to eat afterwards, everyone pays for their own meal

Our address is
4463 Ashton Rd., Unit-C
Sarasota, FL 34233

My phone is 941-228-8341

This club will not have any membership fees, no strings attached.

We will be teaching guys the basics of Strongman, Powerlifting, Underground Strength, plus more.

Since our culture is severely lacking places where men can be men, without apology, this club has emerged.

We will also focus on a couple of common problems men run into.

  • Some guys neglect their health due to their careers, they provide well for their families at the expense of their physical well-being
  • Other guys are just the opposite, they abandon their families
  • Many young guys growing up have no positive masculineĀ  role models or mentors

IRON BROTHERHOOD will bring these guys together to get strong, and be around like-minded men in a “no frills” manly environment. The “iron” can teach guys many things about life. The parallels between lifting weights and life are many.

IRON BROTHERHOOD is on Facebook at

As we head into the next training week, I am psyched!

I love to train myself hard, and everyone else at the Cave, too!

Because of that I keep our membership limited to “the dedicated, coachable few”.

If I have to motivate someone, they don’t belong at my gym.

A person better have a 100% effort mindset inĀ  place before they walk in the door.

I refuse to train uncommitted people, even if I like them as individuals.

A person who does not value optimal health and fitness is their own worst enemy.

You cannot just sit in “neutral” and hope for the best.

You cannot just maintain.

  • either you’re going forward
  • or you’re going backwards
  • There is no middle ground

It’s time for a reality check!


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