Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD) #412

general warm up (10 minutes) resistance band suitcase deadlifts x 20 reps Adex club wood choppers x 15/15 reps Zercher sandbag cleans x 12 reps recline rope climbs x 5 specific warm up (5 minutes) sled push/farmers walk set up and light practice strength (4 rounds) 1 round = sled push x 50 feet +Continue reading “Cave Strong-training of the day (TOD) #412”

Memorial Day is not just another day off

Few things tick me off as much as seeing Memorial Day turned into a sales gimmick for car dealers, retail stores, etc.or as just another excuse for people to drink beer and eat too much. If you lost a friend or relative in war, you already know the true meaning of Memorial Day. Many othersContinue reading “Memorial Day is not just another day off”