How do you measure your progress?

I am sure that training is a big part of your life, it sure is for me.

Just curious to see how you track the progress you are making in your training.

For myself, I am an old school pen and paper guy.

I have kept a training journal for decades. That way I always know what I am doing good in and what I am not.

It’s important to build on your strengths but work on your weak spots.

Another way is to compete on a regular basis.

Every type of training I know of has some form of competitions.

They will keep you sharp and can often humble you greatly.

The third way is reglularly scheduled testing, which is what we do at the Cave every quarter.

Each of these options is good in it’s own way, but all of them together is like gold.

Doing none of these is a very sad joke on yourself.

It’s like trying to play football with no goal lines.

Published by ironcave1

I was the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility, which closed on May 31, 2022 after almost 12 years. My full focus is now on bringing our steelclub and mace training called Mace Fit out to the public. Follow us at and @2slingsteel.

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