The bathroom scale is not your friend

The subject of how much people weigh, on the average,  now compared to 30 or 40 years ago came up twice this week at the Cave.

Yes, overall weight has gone up for both men and women since the 1960s.

Perceptions of what “being fat” is have also changed. Back then, where I grew up, it was common for a gal to think she was fat if she weighed 100lb or more.  Which was actually not realistic at all, but it was perceived that it meant she was fat.

What a person weighs is a highly over-rated measure of their health and fitness.

Here are some other ways to consider.

It is more useful to look at how well you move, how your clothes fit, and if you just feel healthy. Don’t get me wrong, if you are 5’2″ and weigh 300lb, you need to see a doctor ASAP!

The media has promoted ridiculous ideas of what people should look like

Don’t become enslaved to other people’s ideas of how you should look!

You don’t have to have the cursed six pack or look like an anatomy chart with every blood vessel popping out to be fit and healthy.

In general, if you have an athletic appearance, feel great, and are loving life; keep up the good work!


Published by ironcave1

I am the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility. Our training is old school style, and it gets results!

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