Use your strength to serve others

Posted: September 9, 2017 in motivation, Uncategorized

Granted, it feels great to be strong. However, if our strength is just used to inflate our egos, we are living a pretty hollow existence.

In times of crisis, your strength can be a huge help to those around you. If you can carry an injured person to get medical help, you are using your strength for something that matters.

Carrying water, generators, food, building supplies, etc. can be a big help to those who physically cannot do these things, like children, elderly people, or those who are disabled.

Serving others is one of the greatest blessings we have in this life. It is  not all about us.

During Hurricane Harvey and now, Hurricane Irma, thousands of people will need help; some will be right in your neighborhood. Will you step up and help them?

You are strong for a reason, make sure it is for the right reason.

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