If your life depended on just a handful of exercises, what would you choose?

That would depend on if you had access to weights or not.

If you do have weights, stick with the barbell.

You can load a barbell heavier than dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.

My choices would be

(Kendrick Ferris, Jr.)

  • squats
  • deadlifts
  • bench press
  • press
  • cleans

If barbells are not available, use odd objects, for the basic lifts mentioned above.

Odd object lifts  are way harder than an equivalent amount on a barbell lift.

(Martin Jancsics )

Modify the movements to fit the type of object you are lifting.

The most basic of all exercises are done with your own bodyweight.

  • squats
  • push ups
  • pull ups/chin ups
  • lunges
  • dips
  • planks

(Will Deleon)

There are many ways that your life can depend on how fit and strong you are, whether it is an emergency situation, a physical confrontation, or just daily living. Sports and competitions are important, but not as important as the quality of your life overall. You have to be able to move your own body or external objects as the situation requires it day by day.

You don’t need a bunch of different exercises, but whatever you choose, always give 100% effort and focus to it.

Be consistent and watch what happens!

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I am the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility. Our training is old school style, and it gets results!

4 thoughts on “If your life depended on just a handful of exercises, what would you choose?

  1. None of these exercises listed train the neurological response, energy pathways or hormone function needed in a life & death scenario. In fact, most of these exercises contradict survival fitness & the natural motor patterns needed.

    I’ve trained Special Forces for several years along with various 1st responders & none of these exercises do I use in my Survival Fitness Program. In the past I also trained civilians in home defense dealing with home invasion scenarios. Again, none of the traditional weight lifting exercises will be effective as one’s 1st choice.

    There are many missing elements in these conventional exercises. These should only be used as secondary general fitness training. Being weight room strong does not always translate well to reality when you would need to save your life or someone else’s.

  2. Survival Fitness Training

    • Learn to perform, think, execute, solve problems and carry through with a plan under adverse physical conditions.

    • Physical training as it relates to crisis response scenarios.

    • Develop your ability to use unorthodox movements while performing in physically demanding and disturbing situations.

    • Learn to execute extreme physical tasks in sightless & confined environments which limit your physical, mental & emotional capabilities.

    • Prepare the body, on a daily basis, to be ready for ‘immediate action’ when the time demands readiness to respond to a life and death encounter.

    • Train survival task ‘movement development’ as it relates to physical & mental conditioning.

    • Execute efficient physical skills during severe neurological & physical stress.

    • Training in undesirable environments teaches one how to function, effectively, without compromising operational security.

    • Increase your ‘situational awareness’ during physical/mental fatigue.

    • Learn how to engage your target under duress.

    • Train during uncomfortable climatic conditions.
    • Learn restrictive movement strength & exercise to maximize survival movement.

    • Train wearing heavy, uncomfortable & awkward equipment which displaces your center of mass.

    • Learn why ‘leverage’ training is more demanding and how these methods transfer to ‘real world’ emergency tactics.

    • Train in oxygen debt and panic mode.

    Learning these principles is what it takes to survive life threatening scenarios based on how the CNS, sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems function & how the 3 hormones (adrenaline, cortisol & dopamine) react in these circumstances.

    Thinking doing a lot of reps or moving big numbers is all it takes; you can be dead wrong! This isn’t a football game where it’s 4th down, 3 seconds left on the clock & 5 yards to go for victory & you rise to the occasion! It’s about saving lives!

    The average home invasion last 6 seconds; either you or a family member is dead, the threat has been eliminated or wounded or the threat/attacker has retreated.

    However,if your intruder/attacker has already accepted death as an option & already decided to kill you to get what they want, they simply see you as an obstacle standing in their way!

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