Cave Strong-how to use pause overhead squats

This was originally sent out to my e-mail list, but I wanted to share it with all of you because it is very helpful in my own training, and hopefully it will help you also.
Here it is:

No one likes to miss a lift, but it is part of the process as you improve.
The things that gets most people discouraged is to miss a lift over and over again at the same point.
Sometimes the bar is loaded too heavy too soon and it is more than a person is ready for.
Technique is vital, but strength is too. It takes both to maintain a good solid body position and move the load well.
For instance, Olympic lifts, which require both as well as speed and coordination. The three Powerlifts also require these things but we’ll look at one Olympic lift this time.
Catching or receiving the bar in the Snatch can de tricky even on a good day. Holding a barbell overhead while you are deep in a full squat is tough.
Here’s something I am currently doing to improve my own lift.

Once a week I set aside one hour just to practice it
I keep the weight light and focus on improving technique
I do 1 to 3 reps per set max, but do them throughout the entire hour with fairly short rest periods.
I pause at the bottom of each rep, as follows
For triples I use one second
For doubles I use two seconds
For singles I use 3 to 5 seconds
When I know I need to breathe again it’s time to drive hard out of the hole, and finish the lift.

Pauses can be used with all types of lifts, and can help you to build more strength for stabilization and control.
Try using pauses on a lift you need improvement on and see what happens over the next few weeks. Keep me posted on your progress, okay?

Coach D

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I am the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility. Our training is old school style, and it gets results!

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