How we pivoted when the Cave closed back in May

The Cave was a major part of my life for almostv 12 years, it was like my second home. It just had run it’s course. Our main focus now is Mace Fit, which was the msot popular class at the Cave. A few weeks ago I published The Official mace Fit Training Manual which givesContinue reading “How we pivoted when the Cave closed back in May”

awkward, imperfect & deceptively hard

You’ve heard people say, “In a perfect world_________________” Then they fill in the blank. Since the perfect world doesn’t exist in this life, why train like it does? One of my favorite mentors, Zach even-Esh, often talks about training in less than perfect conditions. Why? Because that’s how life is lived each day. You know,Continue reading “awkward, imperfect & deceptively hard”

pushups & pummeling for full body strength

Gotta love Mondays! It’s a great day to get stronger. Here’s a couple of exercises to kick start your week: clock pushups tire pummeling Back when they had clocks with hands on them 12 o’clock was at the top. So that’s where we start the clock pushups. Do a rep there then hand walk sidewaysContinue reading “pushups & pummeling for full body strength”

Going heavy to go lighter, but heavier than before with P.A.P.

Now that’s a mouthful isn’t it? This something we used at the Cave, espeically during our testing cycles. I learned about post-activation potentiation or (P.A.P.) from Coach Travis Mash. This helped our athletes hit new PR’s on a regular basis. It helps prime the central nervous system for very heavy work. P.A.P. can be usedContinue reading “Going heavy to go lighter, but heavier than before with P.A.P.”