When hitting your goal isn’t good enough

If you have coached long enough, you will be familiar with this. A person hits a goal without really giving 100%, then leaves thinking they did good. Well, they didn’t, here’s why– the goal was not big enough they could have done much better with full effort Never let a person get away with thatContinue reading “When hitting your goal isn’t good enough”

None of us are as smart as all of us

I heard this quote years ago and I don’t remember who first said it, but it is very true. Did you ever notice how those who are successful in any field are the ones who seem to always be hungry to learn more? Take the field of strength and conditioning, for instance. Basically you haveContinue reading “None of us are as smart as all of us”

No one……..

No one finds the Cave by accident or through slick advertising schemes. No one just wanders in and decides to become a beast on the the spur of the moment. No one comes here to get a date, our girls are here to train No one comes to the Cave because it is easy toContinue reading “No one……..”

Mindset and heart matter the most

Some celebrate Labor Day, but at the Cave we call it “Hard Labor Day” for good reason

The concept of hard  physical labor is foreign to many Americans; the hardest thing that many do is texting or playing video games. That is pathetic at best! The people who made America great worked incredibly long hours doing back-breaking work in miserable conditions. They built railroads and skyscrapers, they mined coal, they worked onContinue reading “Some celebrate Labor Day, but at the Cave we call it “Hard Labor Day” for good reason”