Will 2022 be better?

We’re at the end of 2021 and New Years is right around the corner.

Woo Hoo, right?

Well maybe not.

Changing the date on the calendar doesn’t change your life for the better by default.

Barring things out of our control, like tornadoes or Covid, we got to where we are now based on our habits.

So if we bring those same habits into 2022 we get more of the same old stuff.

Enough of that!

What are you willing change starting right now?

What will you fight for?

How tight will your self-discipline be?

What are you willing to sacrifice to get better each day?

Who are you willing to help?

Training, business, and life can all be better in 2022 if you are willing to do the work that matters.

Out for now, talk to you next year.

Coach D

PS: Stay safe tonight, all the crazies will be out will be driving tonight.

Published by ironcave1

I was the owner of the Cave, a strength-based, veteran-owned, unconventional coaching facility, which closed on May 31, 2022 after almost 12 years. My full focus is now on bringing our steelclub and mace training called Mace Fit out to the public. Follow us at http://macefit.com and @2slingsteel.

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