Enjoying the holidays is a good thing, since many get to be with their families and friends and relax together.

When holidays are over, many will realize how threw their discipline away. They ate and drank way too much and sat on their butts way too much, also. They generally feel lousy and guilty.

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That in itself is bad enough, but here’s a little more perspective on it.

You didn’t die from it. In fact, it sure didn’t help your health and fitness level to improve, but it wasn’t fatal.

So if you over eat, drink too much booze, smoke, and don’t exercise regularly over the course of months and years; you will wreck your health and probably die young.

The fact is, you need to be disciplined all year long, day in and day out, to make ongoing progress.


That’s just how it is.


I always say, “You get to choose.”

Choose wisely!


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