Over the years, I have pursued some of the top certifications available, all of them with  world-wide communities of trainers.

Yes, I did learn a lot and it was worth the effort and expense.

However, as my training got more dialed in I found less and less relevance in what was required to maintain those certifications. They simply did not match what I was doing or where I was headed.

So, one by one, I let them expire.

My path is much different now, and much better then when I began years ago.

I refuse to be enslaved to any system!

Keep your mind free from peer pressure and the need to be liked or accepted to have value in training and in life. You can go much further without all that baggage.


  1. Christine Rosi says:

    Frank, This email is great. I too have let my certs go that I have had for many, many years when I first started out. I was torn & worried about doing this, but reading this has just reinforced my decision. That piece of paper has no bearing on my abilities. I agree the recerts are not in my path, they are just $ makers for the co. I have L1 USC and that’s the beginning. I do wish to do some specialty seminars, etc, getting my learn on & helping others. Thank you for what you do Christine


  2. Gary Larrison says:

    Frank, hope this doesn’t sound like I am trying to jump on your bandwagon. I like you have let my Certs expire who also were with the big three or four in the industry for basically the same reasons. In my early career I was following all of their training recommendations and program guidelines even though they went against my gut instincts. I like you took a different path to pursue what I feel is more relevant to what my people need and respond to. Frank keep up the great work you are doing with your troops!

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