Coaching for the long haul

Posted: June 23, 2017 in cave strong, cave strong nation, coaching, Uncategorized

I practiced and taught martial arts for many years before making the transition to strength training.  A number of important lessons have been learned over the decades.

Here are a few that might be of some help to those who are committed to coaching over a lifetime.

  1. You MUST always train! There is no wiggle room here. You have no credibility if you do not train your own self.
  2. Keep the standards high. Do not give in to the soft culture around us where “everyone is a winner” and should get a trophy for just showing up.
  3. Hold people accountable. Don’t allow people to drift in and out of training, and never hesitate to kick someone out if it is needed.
  4. Do not get  involved in your clients personal lives. Draw “the line in the sand” and do not get sucked in to their pity parties.
  5. Do not give free trials at your gym. Your time and experience is valuable. Charge well for it.

Coaching can be very simple and enjoyable unless you choose to make it a nightmare for yourself.


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